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2009 Retrospective >> Part V: People

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Back through looking glass, 2009 was a mammoth year in productivity for me. I started the year as a semi-professional photographer and finished as a professional freelance photographer. I found the brass balls needed to quit my day jobs and pursue a career I really care about, and I’ve found validation through the wonderful relationships I’ve created in the scene and the showcasing publications I work for.

Anyway, I promise to keep these posts short on words and heavy on photographs. Here are some hand-picked highlights from my portrait work this year.

Brian Haas [Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey]

Driven Competitor

Fiawna Forté

Life + The Living


Arts Coordinator Ann Tomlins w/ Student [Booker T. Washington High School]

Laura Cash

Bridal Portrait

Mark Perkins [Lawyar / Tulsa Mayoral Candidate]

Tom Adelson [Oklahoma State Senator / Tulsa Mayoral Candidate]


Life + The Living

Keith Jimerson [Elmer's BBQ]

Head Coach Todd Graham [Tulsa University Football]
Rev. James Miller (First Presbyterian Church)

Life + The Living

Life + The Living

Life + The Living

Life + The Living

Paul Tay

Life + The Living

Brian Oglesby [Impact Technologies]

Clay Welch

Happy holidays!


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  1. dude, nice work!

    Phoenix Moore

    January 3, 2010 at 9:42 PM

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